Digital Eyepiece

Features: 1) This combined digital camera with built-in 10X eyepiece is a great way to preview live color digital images directly from your microscope onto your computer via the USB port 2) This camera comes with easy-to-install Ulead software in order to view, edit and save images 3) Great way to share and email images to colleagues and friends Specifications: 1) Live vivid 640 X 480 images 2) Built-in 10X eyepiece 3) Automatic light contrast and fine focus 4) Fits on any standard 23mm eye tube in place of ordinary eyepiece 5) Microscope adapter 30mm allows camera to be used on virtually any microscopes 6) Easy to install Ulead software package that can view, save, edit images 7) Compatible with all Windows versions 8) Supporting USB, not Macintosh compatible 9) One year limited warranty 10) Individually boxed, with USB port connector, 30mm adapter, Ulead Photo Explorer CD, instruction manual 11) Shipping weight: 1lb Other Price Terms: FOB Shanghai

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